4 Ways To Build YOUr Brand


by David Petro

We all know businesses become successful solely through brand awareness. Branding makes us believe one product is better than others while creating a public demand. Performers’ business ad brands are themselves. You are your product and must sell yourself just like any other product is sold.

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time discussing and building the Broadway Break Thru/David Petro brand and feel most of our strategy will help you in building your personal brand.

1. Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken.

Avoid being a copy cat and emulating another person. While teaching I always say, “If I want Meryl Streep I will call her agent. I need YOU! Someone unique, special and different with their own voice and style.” I believe this even more today then the first time I said it. Once you prove your unique star quality people will be vying for you to help them build their brand.

2. Party To Work.

The entertainment industry is extremely social. Most deals are struck over lunch and even more during a party. My friends and family outside of New York are amazed at how many parties and social events I attend on a daily basis. I choose my events carefully and never leave without an important connection. It’s not a bad way to spend the work day either.

3. Know It All To Get It All.

You need to know the players, the fakers, your friends and have the goods to back up the important conversations. Be clear on where you are trying to go and the people necessary to help you get there. Friends can get you in the door but once you are in the room, you are all alone.

4. Each Brick Builds The Wall.

As a business owner I am responsible for every task, big or small. From stuffing envelopes – to teaching a master class – to negotiating a casting contract – to creating our next Facebook ad – the buck stops with me. The good news is that’s the great news! Every stepping stone leads to further knowledge and appreciation for your business. When building your brand, every small thing is a big thing.

David Petro is a former Broadway performer and feature film, television and Broadway Casting Director and owner of David Petro Casting. He is also the creator and Executive Director of Broadway Break Thru.

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