The Only Way To Achieve Your New Year’s Goals


by David Petro

Each New Year brings new plans, dreams, hopes and ideas. You may have goals of being on Broadway, landing a big feature film or television show or being accepted into a great college or university.

In the past, I haven’t been a big fan of New Year’s resolution. Regardless of the time of year, I felt I always worked hard and am always striving to be better. After a lot of reading, and a lot of big planning for 2016, I realized it was time to set goals. Though more importantly, I realized I needed to set a process to reaching those goals.

Recently I was reminded of the phrase, “A dream without a plan is just a hope”.

Well I’m not hoping for great things in 2016, I’m planning great things for 2016.

Let me explain. If your goal is to be in the Broadway show “Wicked”. You could just show up at the audition and hope for the best.  As you can imagine, you probably won’t receive the best results or book the show. Instead focus on the process, see the show, study which part would be right for your talent and type, research who has played the role previously, research the creative team, learn the material, go to voice lessons and dance classes and when you are prepared go to your audition.

Each step in the process is a step closer to actually reaching your goal.

Here are a few steps to setting your goal and creating your process for success.

  • Write It Down. Set your goal and write it down in great deal.
  • Chart It Out. Write out your process for achieving your goal, with a timeline for each of your accomplishments.
  • Tell Your T. Tell someone about your goal and your timeline. Being accountable to another person will help keep you motivated and inspired.
  • Easy Does It. Take small steps and be reasonable about your expectations and timeline.
  • Be forgiving. Celebrate each step you achieve and be gentle on yourself when unexpected roadblocks appear on your journey.

Your goal is only step one, while your plan is the only guaranteed way to make progress. Start with your goal, create your process and achieve your dream!

Happy New Year Everyone!

David Petro is a former Broadway performer and feature film, television and Broadway Casting Director and owner of David Petro Casting. He is also the creator and Executive Director of Broadway Break Thru.

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