What parents, students & schools say about our programs

We had a GREAT time with our two musical theater workshops/master class taught by Cameron Burke of the cast of the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton! Many thanks to Broadway Break Thru for the opportunity to present this to our dancers! Cameron Burke thanks for being so amazing with the dancers!

The Dancer's Pointe, Orlando, Florida

We’ve never done something like this before and we were absolutely blown away by not only the experience but the Broadway Break Thru staff. Having Kyle Weiler and Mallory Brophy from Broadway's Hamilton in our school showed the students that they can really work hard on things, and see their dreams become a reality.

Get Rootz, Northbrook, IL

We are so grateful to Broadway Break Thru for allowing our students at Principle Dance to have the opportunity to work with two Cast Members from Hamilton. Our students were captivated by the dancers’ energy and expertise. The dancers learned not only the choreography, but the intention behind each movement, and how these combine to tell the story of the dance with great performance quality. Additionally, the dancers had a chance to talk to the Cast Members about their personal experiences auditioning and performing, and how to present yourself authentically when going out into the dance world. It was a truly valuable and fun experience for all!

Principle Dance, Lake Forest, IL

WOW, what a special Triple Threat Master Class with Jennifer Geller and Krystal Mackie from Hamilton. Thank you, thank you from Powell Dance Academy to Broadway Break Thru for giving our dancers and future stars such an amazing opportunity!!

Powell Dance Academy

So thankful for the people I've met, the experience I had and the knowledge I gained. Thank you @BroadwayBreakThru for such an amazing week, I will never forget this.

CCPA Pre-College Student Accepted into CCPA

This program is one of the most eye-opening experiences I've ever had. I learned to let myself go, that everything isn't a life or death situation, and the things you love are supposed to bring you joy.

College Break Thru Student

College Break THru was absolutely incredible. I'm so thankful for this wonderful opportunity! I loved how the main focus is being a good person to be a good performer.

College Break Thru Student

Hi David, I just wanted to say thanks again for your wonderful Summer program. I wanted you to know that the five days she attended last summer helped her incredibly. Grace has made the cut for Madrigal and the dance team at her new school and will perform at Disney next year!

BBT Parent

A huge thank you to all of these people and for an amazing week at BBT! This camp has changed me so much and I am forever grateful!

College Break Thru & CCPA Pre College Student

I have no words! What an incredible week it was! I am grateful honored to be apart of a program with so many fantastic opportunities. Can't wait to see what is in store for the future! @BroadwayBreakThru I love you so much and thank you for everything!

BBT Pre-College Intensive Students

CBT was both a great learning experience as well as a great place to meet friends. The information I gained through the faculty is priceless and I feel way more prepared for college auditions.

College Break Thru Student

CBT was really great, I learned so much and the chance to interact with the people behind the best theater programs in the county was something I don't think I could get anywhere else.

College Break Thru Student

I had a lot of fun and made so many new friendships with people I hope to study and work with in the future. The opportunity to receive critique from faculty in an audition setting was an incredible opportunity.

Brooks College Break Thru Student

College Break Thru was amazing and the people were wonderful! I learned so much more than I ever thought and I now feel prepared for college auditions when I start applying and auditioning next year.

College Break Thru Student

We discovered the inaugural College Break Thru one-week MT intensive in Chicago on the College Confidential website. My daughter Grace Webber is a rising senior daughter and had a great week at College Break thru. She won 2 scholarship awards: $20,000 from AMDA (including on-the-spot artistic acceptance) & 4,000 from Texas State.

Best of all, she had great master classes from 20+ top MT colleges. Good opportunity to make a first impression and connection with many of the schools to which she will be applying. The audition feedback was very constructive. Nice facilities at the University Center in Chicago.

It was an honor to meet Melody Herzfeld and Sawyer Garrity from Parkland, FL. And special thanks to Chyrssie Whitehead from AMDA and Kaitlin Hopkins from Texas State for their encouragement.

Well done David Petro and the Broadway Break Thru staff! I think this will become a popular intensive going forward. We live in the NYC area and made the trip out to Chicago. It was worth it.

College Break Thru Parent

4 Time BBT Students

My kids have been to the BBT Summer Intensive 4 times and can't wait for our 5th time this upcoming summer. They tell me constantly they wish that BBT were all year round. See you next summer!

Ages 11 - 13 Newtown PA 2016

A Note from Roosevelt University's Associate Dean & Director of the Theatre Conservatory

Every since I first met and talked with David and Broadway Break Thru, I knew it was a win-win situation. David and his company have created the perfect environment for a pre-college performing arts summer intensive. His staff is very knowledgeable about creating an exciting week for the students. Their contacts int he theatre community, both locally and nationally, make it a HUGE draw to both parents and High School students. This was our first year collaborating and we have seen success in recruiting potential students to our program and look forward to what the next few years bring both us and BBT in Chicago. They get a chance to showcase downtown Chicago and the thriving theatre community and we get an opportunity to welcome prospective students to the heart of the city and our campus. Again...it's a win-win."

Associate Dean & Director of the Theatre Conservatory
Roosevelt University

An amazing experience

My 11 year old son attended BBT the last two summers and participated in one winter intensive. I cannot say enough about the program. Since attending, he has gone on to star or costar in 6 performances in two years!!! At his last audition, he overheard the director comment that he was "so professional!" This he learned from BBT. Working with the staff & celebrity guests is like working with family. They are an amazing group of people. It is by far his favorite week of the summer. The kids leave the program with great skills to succeed in the acting world, but even more importantly, the skills to be great people!

Ages 11 - 13 Newtown PA 2016

BBT Webinars For My Classroom

I've attend the BBT free Teacher Day twice. The experience was fanastic and the professional information recieved was invaluable. I wished I could bring all of my students to the BBT Summer Intensive. Based on my recommendation, my school purchased all of the BBT Webinars. We watch them in all of my drama classes and my students love the content. They are a great learning tool for any educator, school and drama group.

Boston Arts Academy

Just want to share the good news that I've been accepted to CCPA's Musical Theatre Program with Voice Emphasis. I'm so glad I attended BBT's Summer Intensive because it helped prepare me for the college audition process, I got to know CCPA's top notch faculty & students, see their amazing facilities, meet other BBT students with the same passion and became my friends, etc. Thank you for providing this experience. I'm so grateful! Many Thanks.


Our son just received his early acceptance letter to NYU. This is in large part to his experience at BBT. He learned SO much about auditioning, how to audition, how to prepare for an audition, and how to select songs and monologues that were appropriate for him as a performer. The level of confidence I saw in my son as he walked into his auditions was incredible, and it is because he had been well taught and was prepared. Thank you Mr. Petro, and the entire BBT faculty, for sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise with our son and many other children. Our son is going to be a better performer, and a more confident successful person, in part due to you and his time at BBT.

BBT Pre-College Parent

Counting The Days Till BBT 2016!

As the mom of now two kids in BBT, this summer was surreal. Each dinner during BBT week, my husband and I sat silently while we enjoyed listening to the kids discuss their film labs and other classes animatedly with each other, so excited to share with each other what they had learned that day.

After the performance on Saturday, Julia laid on the couch sniffling. When I asked her what was wrong, she simply said, "It's over. I'm so sad that Broadway Break Thru is over."

That being said, David, you gave the Koval family such an amazing week of bonding, learning, and performing. We are counting the days until the 2016 BBT Summer Intensive.

Ages 11 - 13 Newtown PA 2016

Greatest Experience!

The greatest summer performing arts camp created. The TEACHERS, CLASSES, GUEST AND OF COURSE David Petro ARE AMAZING. SIGN UP ASAP FOR THE NEXT CAMP!!!!! If there were more stars I can rate with I would use infinite stars.

Ages 14 - 18 Newtown PA 2016

Incredible Learning Tool For Any Performer

I took a master class from David Petro a couple of years ago at NYU. I loved his classes, his humor, personality and passion for the arts and performers. I was thrilled to find that all his energy still comes through in these webinars. The information in these videos is invaluable and I love that I can watch them as many times as I like. Each time I watch them I find new information and learn something different each time. Definitely worth the money and a must have for all performers.

Westridge School
Casting Sessions

Jordyn was accepted to CCPA with a scholarship so thank you to BBT!!! It was there she fell in love wth the school!

JaLeeyna had a great experience at BBT we can't wait for next year!

Life Changing Experience

Our son just received his early acceptance letter to NYU. This is in large part to his experience at BBT. He learned SO much about auditioning, how to audition, how to prepare for an audition, and how to select songs and monologues that were appropriate for him as a performer. The level of confidence I saw in my son as he walked into his auditions was incredible, and it is because he had been well taught and was prepared. Thank you Mr. Petro, and the entire BBT faculty, for sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise with our son and many other children. Our son is going to be a better performer, and a more confident successful person, in part due to you and his time at BBT.

Ages 14 - 18 Newtown PA 2016

I just wanted to share the exciting news that I've been accepted to CCPA with a scholarship, and I could not be more excited! I'm so grateful to BBT for not only preparing me for college auditions, but also for giving me the opportunity to experience CCPA's amazing faculty, passionate students, and top-notch program. Thank you BBT!

My Daughter's Dream Come True

BBT at CCPA helped my daughter make some very important life decisions. Because of your connection to CCPA she got a real feel for her #1 dream school and teachers, discovered she could handle the work schedule, and enjoyed living in the dorm with roommates. As a parent I truly enjoyed watching and sharing the daily video and photo updates. I also enjoyed the parent class and cannot wait for the DVD. The final presentation was everything I hoped for and MORE! Because of you and your camp my daughter is going to follow her dream! She looks forward to participating again next year and as a new CCPA student!

Roosevelt Pre-College Summer Intensive

This week has been absolutely incredible! I'm coming back from this experience as a changed person. Thank you Broadway Break Thru for giving me such an amazing opportunity with such amazing people.
An experience I'll never forget. I am so happy with my life.

2017 BBT Roosevelt Pre-College Student

Iyana received her CCPA acceptance letter today with a scholarship! She fell in love with CCPA during the BBT intensive! So did I! Thank you so so much for providing the wonderful BBT opportunity!!!! Love u guys!!!!

Nothing but AWESOME! The learning experience my 13 year old daughter had in one week was amazing. The classes and material learned in a week, unbelievable. The Staff becomes your family in a week, for a week. The organization David has with the students and the camp is well put together and flawless as far as I am concerned. I recommend this BBT camp to anyone who has kids.

Thank you on behalf of a reluctant performer

I don't have a FB account and was not able to share my accolades on social media so please excuse this old fashioned email but I just wanted to express my appreciation for yet another fantastic BBT experience for my children. 
As you've probably learned by now, my daughter is quite confident, comfortable and loves to be on the stage. Signing her up for this camp was a 'no-brainer" and she's already informed me that she will be "doing BBT until she becomes a grownup and then she'll get a job there” 🙂 
Her brother on the other hand is very different; much more soft spoken, sometimes shy and an often sensitive child.  He plays soccer and baseball and we live in a town where there is, in my opinion, far too much emphasis placed on boys sports.  Last summer, I did not force, but encouraged him to step outside his comfort zone and try BBT.  His friends were all playing summer ball and my husband and I had a spirited discussion of  how there is more to life than baseball and it's our responsibility as parents to be sure our kids are exposed to a variety of activities, most especially in the arts.  My son had a fantastic experience last summer and asked that I sign him up again, however, as the year went by, the pressure of baseball loomed and the time came closer for this summer's session, he started to backtrack a little. He told me he would do it but that this would be his last summer w/BBT so I was apprehensive as to how the week would go.  To my surprise, each day he came home more excited than the last with the amusing exception of Wed evening when he was so nervous about his "Matilda" audition b/c he was afraid of being picked for the show and if he was, thought he couldn't say no:) 
As the week neared it's end and your $200 promotion had almost expired, I registered just my daughter for the 2016 summer camp.  My son continued to come home always talking about what a great day he had but that he should probably play baseball next summer instead.  When I watched the day videos and Saturday's performance, my heart was lifted by watching my son be able to stand up in front of an audience without the red-faced embarrassed pain I was used to seeing. We walked out that afternoon and he said with big smile on his face: "mom, is it too late to sign me up for next year?!"
BBT is a great week of musical theater, dance and acting training.  The kids get great exposure to professional level instructors and I'm sure for those few who make it, fantastic preparation for a career in the arts.  But BBT is so much more than that.  It's a place where kids feel welcome and celebrated for who they are, where being a good person is more important than how hard you swing a bat and where kids learn the confidence they need to become successful in whatever they choose to do later in their life.  Your staff was wonderful (shout out's to Jessica and Emily who my daughter could not stop raving about), really care about the kids and make the little one's feel just as much a part of the team as the older group.  I am an overcautious parent and there are few places where I would feel comfortable dropping my kids off for a day but within a few days of their first BBT experience last summer, I felt confident that they were well supervised and safe. My kids have done many summer activities over the years and BBT has my vote as probably one of the best around, so on behalf of my daughter and my "reluctant but now enthusiastic performer", I thank you. 
I think that my daughter perhaps said it best in one of your day videos: "you put a lot of heart into this camp".  I couldn't agree more.  Thank you David and the entire BBT team and we look forward to seeing you next summer!

We love BBT!!

My daughter wouldn't miss this tremendous camp! As she says, she learns more about performing arts in one week at BBT than she learns all year anywhere else! From the wonderful professional teachers and mentors to the unstoppable and fabulous David Petro, this is exactly what we were looking for. The celebrity guests are just a huge bonus! And the performance at the end of the week is incredible. Can't wait for summer! Thank you David!

Ages 8 - 10 Newtown PA 2016

I am so thrilled to bring your programs to J at School. They were amazing and your flyers, class descriptions, and website make my work a breeze. The JCC loves BBT!

Enrichment Coordinator
J School