38 Famous Actors’ Audition Prep Tricks

Preparing for an audition can be a daunting task. Luckily, some of the busiest actors in the industry spoke with Backstage this year about what they do to prepare for an audition. If you’re stuck at where to start, or are simply looking for some new tips, check out what these 38 actors (from Kathy Bates to Gaby Hoffmann) had to say!

4 Ways To Build YOUr Brand

We all know businesses become successful solely through brand awareness. Branding makes us believe one product is better than others while creating a public demand. Performers’ business ad brands are themselves. You are your product and must sell yourself just like any other product is sold.

The Only Way To Achieve Your New Year’s Goals

by David Petro

Each New Year brings new plans, dreams, hopes and ideas. You may have goals of being on Broadway, landing a big feature film or television show or being accepted into a great college or university.

In the past, I haven’t been a big fan of New Year’s resolution.

College Application & Audition Deadlines

University and college application and audition deadlines are HERE! Don’t fret – as always, we are here to help! Here are the application and audition deadline dates and submission and audition instructions for The Boston Conservatory, CAP21, Carnegie Mellon, Roosevelt’s CCPA, Florida State, NYU Steinhart, University of Miami (Florida), University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and North Carolina School for the Arts.

Agent Advice

I receive multiple Facebook messages, tweets and emails and daily asking, “Can you help me get an agent?”.

I began to realize that most people are asking because they do not understand the world of agents. Do I need an agent, how do I get one and what should I expect once I have been signed? I thought it would be helpful to explain the process and clarify the relationship between agent and client.

Don’t Sing This Song At Your College Audition

by David Petro

We all want to know “What To Do” in our college auditions. Equally important is “What NOT To Do”. Below is a list of songs you should scratch off your list, given to us by department heads and faculty members from Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, Emerson College, The Boston Conservatory,New York University, Western Michigan University and Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts.

8 Tips For Raising a Child Actor

It takes a tribe to raise an actor. I have personally seen many a young talented actors get sidelined from their dream because their parents did not have the proper education of the process. I love coaching my parents’ panels as much as directing my young actors.