7 Top After School Programs for 2018

Summer is almost over, but the fun doesn't have to end! BBT keeps the action going with our 7 most popular After School enrichment programs.


1. Student Film Lab
Students will experience the complete production process as writer/actor/director of your own projects. The class will work together to storyboard an original film that packs the ideas of every student into one super plot. The film will then be shot over the class period with the students sharing time as actors/directors. The final film will be viewable on the BBT YouTube Channel to share with family, friends, and industry professionals. So, dim the lights, grab the popcorn, and enjoy your unique creation!


2. Junior Firemen
Become a Chicago Firefighter! Learn the roles of firefighters, the organizations of a fire station and a fire engine, and fire terminology. Throughout the session, we will incorporate firefighter physical training (Up and overs, sit-ups, push-ups, running, indoor/outdoor obstacle course etc.) team building activities, learn CPR and FIRST AID certification.


3. Hamilton Themed Musical Theatre
Each week, students will learn dance routines to songs from the musical, culminating in a performance during the final class. This workshop is perfect for any lover of Hamilton or musical theatre enthusiast who loves to move. No prior dance experience is necessary. Broadway Hamilton Cast member from will attend your final performance!


4. Create Your Own Board Games
Do you LOVE board games - we'll we do too! Do you love them enough to create your very own board game? In this session, you will learn the basics of tabletop board game creation. Working in small teams, you'll design and develop a prototype of an original game idea and rule set, using cards vs. dice, boards, and more. On the final day, you will present your game to play!


5. Harry Potter's Wizards
Harry Potter’s Wizards: You’re invited to the Wizardly World of Harry Potter. Enjoy Hogwarts activities like House Sorting, Quidditch, Wand Making & Dueling, Potions, Astronomy and experience the full range of Hogwarts magic. Learn how these subjects truly connect to our Muggle world! Join us to explore the amazing world of Harry, Ron, Hermione and of course... You Know Who...


6. Visual Arts
BBT visual arts intensives invite prominent artists to provide opportunities to interact with professional artists working in a variety of media and from a broad spectrum of cultural viewpoints. Working closely with these artists and through exposure to their opinions, motivations and working methods, students to gain insight into how artists approach the making of art and pursuit of a career world of visual arts.


7. Frozen & Friends
The magic of Disney’s Frozen comes to your school. Come enjoy and explore the music, choreography, arts and crafts of Disney's "Frozen". In this musical theater classes, students will learn the most popular songs from the movie and also play with creating parodies! Each session will be active with singing, acting and creative engagement. We will make props and play with costumes to prep for a mini production at the end of the session. No prior musical experience is required.

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