Time For Healing For All

Since Broadway Break Thru was established in 2009, we have proudly brought an elite performing arts education to over 6,000 students in almost twenty different cities. Our programs have featured over 400 celebrities, casting directors, talent agents, college faculty, and high-level entertainment industry professionals and teaching artists.

For the past 10 years, all instructors have been compensated fully, with the exception of one week in the summer of 2018.

The purpose of this statement is to provide factual background on this situation, as well as address our responsibility and how we are working to resolve the issue.

I am a small business owner who faces everyday real challenges. Immediately after last year’s College Break Thru program, I had to undergo emergency back surgery.

To date, I have had 26 medical procedures and four operations. Most of us live one health crisis way from losing everything. My health issues left me incapacitated, and as a result, I was not able to focus on my business to the level I would have liked.

As a result, unfortunately, 23 guest artists have been delayed their payment. However, in efforts to resolve the matter, many were paid half their fee, and one has already been paid in full, plus interest.

In light of my health issues, and to secure the funds to make all instructors whole, we have suspended the 2019 College Break Thru intensive programming.

As everyone must be, I am careful of schemes and over-exaggerations from any instructor(s) or organization(s) with competing summer programs.

That said, I will continue to acknowledge and address any valid concerns and work diligently to ensure all artists are paid their full compensation plus interest as quickly as possible.

While I resolve any unfinished matters, it is my hope and wish that everyone’s focus is on healing, being kind to one another, and supporting students’ dreams.

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