Don’t Sing This Song At Your College Audition

by David Petro

We all want to know “What To Do” in our college auditions. Equally important is “What NOT To Do”. Below is a list of songs you should scratch off your list, given to us by department heads and faculty members from Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, Emerson College, The Boston Conservatory,New York University, Western Michigan University and Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts.

8 Tips For Raising a Child Actor

It takes a tribe to raise an actor. I have personally seen many a young talented actors get sidelined from their dream because their parents did not have the proper education of the process. I love coaching my parents’ panels as much as directing my young actors.

Math Is Hard, But I Understand One

I look at the number above in the same way. I cannot begin to comprehend the overwhelming number of people who will be affected by breast cancer this year, especially when that initial number of diagnoses is multiplied by friends and family. What I can comprehend is the number one.

Is a Kids’ Broadway Audition Like an Episode of “Dance Moms”?

by Casting Director Nora Brennan

Last week, my nine-year-old son auditioned for the upcoming Broadway version of the London hit “Matilda, the Musical.” If your kid has ever dreamed of performing on the Great White Way, or you’ve dreamed of applauding your child from the front row there (carefully consider if it’s the former or latter), then it’s good to know what to expect at a Broadway audition:

Last week, my nine-year-old son auditioned for the upcoming Broadway version of the London hit “Matilda, the Musical.

21 Things That Make Casting Directors Happy in the Audition Room

Casting directors are your advocates and your champions. Your work reflects on us. Your wonderful work makes us look good and gets that role cast. Your disconnected, tentative, muddled work does nothing for anyone. We need you to be great. We’re here to host your experience and shepherd you in, not hold you back. We want to share in your excellent work.

How to Ace Your Audition

Casting Director Sig De Miguel has cast dozens of independent and studio films, first with mentor Amanda Mackey and then as an independent casting director. He partnered with CD Stephen Vincent in 2006, and together the duo has cast more than 40 feature films including “Rabbit Hole,” “Holy Rollers,” “An Englishman in New York,” the 2011 Sundance hit “Gun Hill Road,” the new film “For Ellen” starring Paul Dano, and the upcoming “Affluenza.” De Miguel’s previous casting credits include “United 93,” “The Cooler,” “The Matador,” “A Love Song for Bobby Long,” and more.

The Dos and Dont’s of Choosing a Monologue for a Young Performer

Whether your child or teen is auditioning for a school theater program, a show, or an industry professional, a monologue is a must-have for every young actor. A child actor should always have two different types of monologues in their back pocket. Make sure your young performer loves the monologues! This will increase their chances of giving a great performance since they will be more excited about working on it and therefore will do a better job delivering it.

7 Ways To Make Your Dreams Your Reality

Before any actor hits it big, they have to endure some incredible struggles and make major sacrifices. You’ll need to overcome the multiple obstacles that will come your way. I moved back to New York in 2006 with no job, little money but huge plans. In just two short years I had started David Petro Casting and was casting my first television series on Nickelodeon and co-cast my first Broadway show.

Five Benefits of Pre-College Summer Programs

Pre-college summer programs allow high school students to get a taste of college life, preview their dream schools, and give a boost to their college applications. It may be tempting to spend the entire summer at the beach or by the pool (and you certainly should do a little of that!), but why not use some of your free time to learn something new and make yourself a more attractive candidate for admission? In case you need convincing, here are just a few of the benefits of spending some of your summer on a college campus.


“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.” ~ Louis Pasteur

Launching a web start up in today’s economy is extremely difficult. Almost as difficult as breaking into the entertainment industry. Both are over populated, filled with no talent hacks, offer false promises and much talent gets lost in the crowd.

How to Write an Acting Cover Letter

by David Petro

As I discussed in my very first blog post “Agent Advice”, one of the leading questions I am asked is about obtaining an agent. One of the essential elements when submitting your materials to an agent or manager is your acting cover letter.


When teaching, the most common questions I am asked is, “How can I get rid of audition nerves?” I’m sorry to say I don’t believe nerves every go away completely. The process of auditioning, and being judged by a group of people you don’t know, is frightening at best. The trick is to not let your nerves control your performance.