Thank you on behalf of a reluctant performer

I don't have a FB account and was not able to share my accolades on social media so please excuse this old fashioned email but I just wanted to express my appreciation for yet another fantastic BBT experience for my children. 
As you've probably learned by now, my daughter is quite confident, comfortable and loves to be on the stage. Signing her up for this camp was a 'no-brainer" and she's already informed me that she will be "doing BBT until she becomes a grownup and then she'll get a job there” 🙂 
Her brother on the other hand is very different; much more soft spoken, sometimes shy and an often sensitive child.  He plays soccer and baseball and we live in a town where there is, in my opinion, far too much emphasis placed on boys sports.  Last summer, I did not force, but encouraged him to step outside his comfort zone and try BBT.  His friends were all playing summer ball and my husband and I had a spirited discussion of  how there is more to life than baseball and it's our responsibility as parents to be sure our kids are exposed to a variety of activities, most especially in the arts.  My son had a fantastic experience last summer and asked that I sign him up again, however, as the year went by, the pressure of baseball loomed and the time came closer for this summer's session, he started to backtrack a little. He told me he would do it but that this would be his last summer w/BBT so I was apprehensive as to how the week would go.  To my surprise, each day he came home more excited than the last with the amusing exception of Wed evening when he was so nervous about his "Matilda" audition b/c he was afraid of being picked for the show and if he was, thought he couldn't say no:) 
As the week neared it's end and your $200 promotion had almost expired, I registered just my daughter for the 2016 summer camp.  My son continued to come home always talking about what a great day he had but that he should probably play baseball next summer instead.  When I watched the day videos and Saturday's performance, my heart was lifted by watching my son be able to stand up in front of an audience without the red-faced embarrassed pain I was used to seeing. We walked out that afternoon and he said with big smile on his face: "mom, is it too late to sign me up for next year?!"
BBT is a great week of musical theater, dance and acting training.  The kids get great exposure to professional level instructors and I'm sure for those few who make it, fantastic preparation for a career in the arts.  But BBT is so much more than that.  It's a place where kids feel welcome and celebrated for who they are, where being a good person is more important than how hard you swing a bat and where kids learn the confidence they need to become successful in whatever they choose to do later in their life.  Your staff was wonderful (shout out's to Jessica and Emily who my daughter could not stop raving about), really care about the kids and make the little one's feel just as much a part of the team as the older group.  I am an overcautious parent and there are few places where I would feel comfortable dropping my kids off for a day but within a few days of their first BBT experience last summer, I felt confident that they were well supervised and safe. My kids have done many summer activities over the years and BBT has my vote as probably one of the best around, so on behalf of my daughter and my "reluctant but now enthusiastic performer", I thank you. 
I think that my daughter perhaps said it best in one of your day videos: "you put a lot of heart into this camp".  I couldn't agree more.  Thank you David and the entire BBT team and we look forward to seeing you next summer!